Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Spiral of Life

In the Beginning,

There was Fire.

And the Humans saw it as Good.

Their civilization grew and spiraled outwards.

Overtaking forest and brush.

And on the second Day they discovered Coal.

The Humans saw that it was better.

On the Third Day they found oil.

Their numbers spiraled to astronomical numbers.

3 Billion, 6 Billion, 12 ... to the moon and beyond.

And then, on the Fourth Day, the Oil began petering out.

There came onto them a prophet of salvation from the North

Speaking of wonderous sands.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

LaLa #3--Best Musical

To tune of: Ghostbusters (1984)

Turn the Beat on ON (here real.player)


Doh doh duh, Do,
Dubya, Dubya; Boo!


If there's somethin' strange in your GLOBAL hood
Who ya gonna call?

If it's somethin' crony an' it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?
...Republo-busters !!!

(Doh duh do Do,
Dubya, Dubya Boo!)

I ain't afraid a no Republi-cyst
I ain't no Republi-poligist

If you got mixed messages spinnin' thru your head
Who's gonna be fair?
... Republi-busters !!!

An' Invisible Hand sleepin' in your bed
Oh! Who can ya tell?

(Doh doh duh dah Do,
Dubya, Dubya Dubya, Boo!)

I ain't afraid a no Republi-cyst
I ain't afraid a no Republo-mist

Who ya gonna tell?

If you're all alone, pick up the phone
An call .... (republi-busters)

I ain't no Misagno-NIST
Ooh I hear they like the girls
I ain't afraid a no Republi-pissed
Yeah Yeah Yeah

(Doh duh Do,
Dubya, Dubya Boo!)

Who you gonna call? (republi-busters)
Mm…if you have republo-problems mister
Freaky Republi-bribe or corruption problems sister
You better call .... Republi-busters!!!

Ow wooo!!!

(clink clang jail door bang
catch 'em, jail 'em, dang)

Bustin' makes me feel good ...mmm
Oh yeah

(Doh duh Do,
Dubya, Dubya Boo!)

I ain't afraid a no Republi-cyst
I ain't afraid a no Republo-fear-an-mist

Don't get caught alone,
oh no
… republi-busters!

When they comes through your door
Unless you just want more ...
I think you better call ... republi-busters
Ooh... who you gonna trust? (republi-busters)
Who gonna do your bust? (republi-busters)
Ah, I think you better call (republi-busters)
I can't hear you…
Who you gonna call? (republi-busters)
Louder! (republi-busters)
Who can you call? (republi-busters)
Who do you tell? ...republi-busters …
How ya gonna rid that smell? (repeat through fade)

Friday, March 03, 2006

LaLa #2: BrokeFEMA Mountain Award

A bunch of good'ole boys take their fishing-for-answers gear up to the situation room.

They claim they was in there all that time fishing for answers.

They weren't fishin' for right answers. They were coddling and cronying up with each other. They were incompententating with each other. It's disgusting what they was doing.

The Lemming Appreciation of Leadership Award (LaLa #2) in the category of "leadership unbecoming" goes to Brownie, Bushie and Cherrytoffy for conduct above and beyond BrokeFEMA Mountain. Unfortunately they cannot accept the award tonight because they're at it again. Here to recieve the award on their behalf is Scott McLietellin. Come on up Scott and get your come up'ins.