Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmissed Messages


Preemptively do onto thy neighbors
Before they doo ith a thing onto you

Forgive them oh Higher Father
For they know not what I do.
(But I know what they do,
For I spy'eth secretly upon them.
Executive privilege you know,
Is only for us executively privileged.)

Let him who is stoned
Cast the first bunker buster

The meek and the weak
Shall inherit their own back cheek
(IOW, the poor always get sh*t)

Give onto Caesar,
That which is Caesar's.
Give onto me,
That which thou gave'th to Caesar.
For we are the ownership society,
And to us belong'eth dominion over the whole of the Earth.

Blessed are the PeaceMakers,
For they carry one heck of a payload.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sermon from the Mouth

Ask not, ... Whether I can spy on you.

Ask whether you can

spy more on each other
(For sake of Your country and Before "They" do it to you).
(Think spying is bad? Nah. Don't think, Just do it [hat tip])

It is a far far better place ...
I take you to
Than yee have ever known.

It is far far better
peace I bring to you
than you dare to RIP upon yourselves.

Succumb not to the checks and balancing of the books.
Fuzzy math shall be your undoing.

Trust only in me.
I am the salvation.

I take you from the valley of Terrorism,
And bring you to the Mountain top of National Security.

I take you from the edge of Rejectionism,
And bring you to the safe landing of Global Economy.

Though you walk in the despair of Unemployment and Defeatism,
You shall have no fear,
For the Noble Cause is your destiny.

Do not let yourself become marginalized
along the road kill sidelines of History.

Do not let yourself become damned
by the Sad Damn (Who's Osama-oops Insane) truth.

There is only one truth.
I am the truth.
I am the law.
I am the glory.
I am your victory.
I am the mission acomplished.

Yes, you are in the last throes
of any rational thought.
Though verily you continue to question.

Fear yes my mixed messages for they shall set free your minds
From their bonds of rationality,
From their love of life and compassion for family.
I am your family.
The Republican State is your family.
We are United, Unquestionable and Indivisible.
Our life style is non-negotiable.
Our way is the way of all mankind.
God bless and God keep
(me in power).
Good Night and Amen.

Friday, December 16, 2005



School- yard


when he played with other Little Lemmin,

At the ole Element-Tree Institute
for young vermin,

George Jumpsoon was TERRIFIED

George was TERRIFIED of being called names.

He did not like it at all
when the head mistress called him a:


He did not like it at all
when the flat earth lemmlings called him a:


He did not like it at all
when the muscle boy called him a:

Girlie Lemm who cuts and runs like a coward.

George showed them all.
He joined the Ledge Edge Para-Jump Corps.
They practiced and practiced until their reaction
was a mindless matter of leader satisfaction.

When the Great Sitting Bush leader said "Geronimo !"
George was the first to Go.

No one called him names after that.
They simply honored his memory.

... everytime there was a veteran's day sale that is ....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Are you a RejectionNIST?

Hard enough it is to know if you are a Commie-Neck Nay-Bob

But how to tell if you are a Rejection-NIST?

NIST, as you know, is the National Institute of Standard Science and Technology

(1) IF you think that Global Warming is a Liberal Plot to stop Free Markets from exercising their legal dominion over Oil and Coal THEN YOU SIR are a RejectionNIST

(2) IF you think that _________ THEN YOU SIR are a RejectionNIST

Purifying the Dens of Infidelity

Islemm Allah is a simple, peaceful and humble lemming. He devoutly prays 5 times a day. He keeps himself clean. He wears white to prove his purity. He always stays away from temptuous she-lemms who seek to foul his immortal soul.

Recently it has been learned that infidels were spotted in the heartland of the faith. Islemm Allah has made a holy pledge to purify the dens of such infidelity.

Islemm Allah is a simple, peaceful and humble lemming. He devoutly prays 5 times a day. ...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snatching Da Feet

In the cold commercial bluster
of Christmas next,
the Lost Lamb a human,
Cindy Crawford She-hen,
wanders the Earth
still in search of the "Noble Cause".

Where is it President? she begs.
The "Noble (Santa) Cause"?

Why did my begotten son die?
Is there no longer a Jolly White Knight
in the Unblemished North Pole
for us to believe in?
Has our DC Camelot become a Bizarro-world Cabaret?

GW keeps the deep dark answer under bulge.

Cowards, you see, are the ones who "Cut and Run". They become "marginalized" from the herd.
Only them who are Patriots act with courage and fearlessness.
The fearless ones give their right foot and then some for "The Cause".
(Santa's Cause)
Fearless moms take their sons back with pride and honor.
Unquestioning pride if the son comes back with no feet.
Unquestioning pride if the son comes back just as a pair of feet.
That you see ......
Is how we pull victory, oh glorious, from the jaws of the feet.
Did I mix message that one wrong way around?
Thinking is hard hard work.
Presidents don't do dumb stuff like that.
We have minions to do the fuzzy fuzz work of thinking.
Maybe we pull da feet from the jaws of the victor?

No biggie. The answer lies not under the flag draped box.

It lies elsewhere.

Nobility is as Nobility does.

Nobility starts on third base
and always rounds the cut corners
to get to its owning owner's
Home Sweet Home base.

Be at Peace Oh ig Noble ones.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Eco-Nomy iz Bea-u-tiful, War und Terror Bea-u-tiful, Every-ting Be-a-you-tiful

Vell-kommen, Bien-venue, Welcome!

Fremde, Etranger, Stranger.

Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,

Happy to see you,

Bleibe, reste, stay.

Vill-kom-in, Bien-Venue, Welcome.

I'm Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret !

Leave you troubles outside!

So - life is disappointing?

Forget it!

We have no troubles here!

Here life is beautiful...

The girls are beautiful...

Even the orchestra is beautiful!

Outside it is winter.

But in here it's so hot.

Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep them from taking off all their clothings.

So don't go away.

Who knows? Tonight we may lose the battle!

We are here to serve you! And now presenting the Kit Kat Boys: Here they are! Boobby! Victor! Or is it Victor! and Bobby... You know, there's really only one way to tell the difference... I'll show you later. Hans (Oh Hans, go easy on the sauerkraut!) Herrman (You know what's funny about Herrman?) (There's nothing funny about Herrman!) And, finally, the toast og Mayfir, Fraulein Sally Bowles!

You have to understand the way I am, Mein Herr. A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb. Mein Herr. You'll never turn the vinegar to jam, Mein Herr. So I do... What I do... When I'm through... Then I'm through... And I'm through... Toodle-oo! Bye-Bye, Mein Lieber Herr. Farewell, mein Lieber Herr. It was a fine affair, But now it's over. And though I used to care, I need the open air. You're better off without me, Mein Herr.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cunning Linguistic Politicking

The mammal- ian brain is open to suggestive program- ming by Cunningly-Crafted Language, Lies and Ideaological Imagery.

No wonder then that the corp.-passionate president of the humans displays himself in a 100% supportive room of dark-colored shirts despite 70% opposition by the general herd.

No wonder that he casts a terrorizing shadow called "The Enemy" and then projects subtext shadows of non-existant, "Sad-damn-ists", "Reject-a-nists" and "TERRROR-ists".

Fear and uncertainty are fodder for the mix messaged brain. The drums of war beat loudly and yet the humans see not its approach.

They march again lockstep towards the ledge.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Follow the Rum-full One

Donald likes to drink his own rum. We like him. He is so upbeat. We will follow him to the edge and beyond.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shrine of the Incompetent Design

Many a Lemming in our commu -nity have joined The Church of the Incom- petent Designer.

They see clues.

They see clues everywhere.

They see evidence of a Creator who is careless, callous, clumsy, childish and cruel, in short, incompetent.

Take our solar system for example. What kind of competent creator would leave debris between Mars and Jupiter so that large asteroids would smack into Earth every 600 million years or so and extinguish essentially all life on the planet? And having seen it happen once, what kind of competent creator would let it happen again and again? Clearly our solar system, if not the Universe, is the handy work of an Incompetent Designer.

Friday, November 25, 2005

"Running out of" Milk, Bread and Oil




"Running (1)

Out (2)

Of (3)"

"______" (4)




(You fill in the blank)

Got Milk? (a must see parody)

Got Bread? (French kind? Running out of money?)

Got Oil? (Vegetable, Mineral or Crude?)

Got a Rational Mind? (Liberal, Conservative, or Out of the Box?)

Got Water?

Got a Future?


The runner up to the prize, last word (Got what?) is so cliche that it almost puts one into a hypnotic trance. "Honey, we're running out of milk! Be a deer and run to the market for more, will you?"

Maybe it was "Bread" we were running out of, you know, the French kind you insist on finding in the pastry aisle of your supermarket next to the Let-Them-Eat-Cake bin.

Or maybe it was "Oil"? No difference. The market always provides. Supply and Demand. What ever kind do you need. What was it, mineral, vegetable or crude? Doesn't matter. It's in the oils, condiments and abiotics section. It's always there in full stock. Trust us. We, the mega-providers are here to serve you and take care of you. (Our selfish profit motives take a secondary back seat to what is best for you.) We are here to always give you what you need. No need to worry your pretty little brain. No need for Congressional oversight. It will always be here for you. Continue as always with your life. Stay the course!!!!

Hell, Lemmings do.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Exponential Thanksgiving

Dear Lord,


We thank thee for The Hockey Stick.



We thank thee for population growth.


We thank thee for ever-increasing demand for real estate.

We thank thee for ever-increasing demand for fuel.

We thank thee for dividing thy world into nobles and peasants

We thank thee for choosing us to be the noble "owners" of this "ownership society" and for giving us dominion over the non-owners.

We appreciate (with compound thanks) that ye hath provided us with multitudes of herd mentality masses to perform menial tasks for us and to buy fuel from us and to pay rent for the privilege of living on the real estate properties that we were born to possess.

We thank thee for having birthed us on third base so that we don't have to make "ultimate sacrifices".

We thank thee for having birthed us on third base so that we can afford those "thought tanking" minions (at the think tank insitutions) to help us keep the greater herd under control with use of framed manipulation of the mass thought process.



Now let's invade that Turkey.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cut and Run, Stage Right

Some pictures speak for themselves.

What was that about "cowards who cut and run"?

Dem Dem dummies aren't the only ones who don't know which door to head fir.

Ledge Pledge Babbylon

"Bully" comes only in Boy Color (supposedly).

"Bully" comes only in threatening threads of violence to be done (supposedly).

What does it mean to be "cut" from the herd?

Simply because you challenged the sound logic

of "Stay the Course"?

Simply because you would not adhere to your Man's Man Pledge

Of continuing with the Band of Boys over the Ledge?


...excertps from She-Lemm Jean's Bully Babble-ons:
"A Call from Colonel Danny Bupp ...
He asked me to send a message to Congress
"Stay the Course"
He also asked me to send
Congressman Murtha a message, that
Cowards Cut and run, Marines never do...
America and the rest of the World Want
Assurance from This Body
That We Will see This Through
My remarks were not directed at any member of the House
I did not intend to suggest
... that they apply most especially to the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania
I ask unanimous consent that my words be withdrawn

[Accordingly my bell is hereby "unrung"]

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Advancing to the Edge

George L. Jumpsoon
lives a bit up the road
from his neighbors,
the Flintstems and the Bumbleheads.

George thinks of himself as being
a bit more "evolved" than those
backroad rodents down the hill.

George is a science simpleton.
He thinks "evolved" means "advanced".
He thinks he whizzes around in a
"High Tech" vehicle, a transport means that tells everyone,
George has "arrived".
This is the Jumpsooner Generation.
Everyone is Globally Interconnected by our Flattened
Tunnels of ever expanding Prosperity.

No one told George his High Tech Vehicle rolls on four wheels.
Just like the older ones of his Neanderthal neighbors.
He is no better. He just thinks he is.
No one told George that "evolved" means he is a random freak of nature.

Pesty Price Noises

Voles are Vocal.

We meet in our holes.

And make important noises.
Noises that increase the Prosperity
of our Civilized Labyrinths of Wealth.

See Barney and Betty-bye Bumblehead.
See them making price noises.
Betty wants to burrow more.
"The deeper we dig ourselves into a hole," she says, "the wealthier we will be."

The prices of holes in the ground
have always gone up.
No Lemming has lost out by staying the course.
Once you dig yourself into a quagmire, you keep digging.
That is the sense of the commons (common scents).
No one argues with common scents.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Buy it All Barney

Fred Flintstem's friend is a gullible, lovable bumble head.

They call him Buy-it-All Barney.

He can't help himself.

He was programmed from birth for one, and one function only, compulsive consumption of all things advertised.

Buy-it-All believes The Markets will always provide.
They always have.
Cars, planes, trains, ...
Luxurious homes for the stars ....
All plasticized and rasterized ...
Where does it all come from? All this Prosperity?
Barney doesn't care. The Markets provide.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Intelligent Redesign of History

A Story for

Li''ll Lemm -lings

Ta Learn From:

Brave Billy the Goat recalls a moment of

Courage and Decisiveness in his Life. It is important to never mis-rememberize what actually happened.

Brave Billy was doing some "hard hard" readin after having graduated with distinction from theNo-Prince-Left-Behind Program at the National Guard Academy for Noble-Cause Cousins & Cronies.

Suddenly from a leftist corner there appeared another with Bad Bad news. WTC7 had gone straight down even though no plane had hit it. What to do?

Billy pondered and pondered. Then he realized the kind folk that done put him in power were even dumber than he.

So after many minutes of sweat, anxiety and ponderin; Billy the Goat made a Decisive move. He got up and run.

The moral of the story, Little Lemmlings is this: We can always Intelligently Redesign History.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Knowing One's Place

Willbee-mother FlintStem, or Wilma as she is better known at the Lemming Community Center, knows her place in Lemming Society.

The LemmLord Intelligently Designed her Body to be a Birther of little Lemmlings, to be a Nurturer of Family Values, and to be an Unwavering Lover of the Life Tribal.

After all, the Lemm Commandments command each "One" of us to "Be". And to "Continue" And to "Stay the Course" (Deviate not from thy Directed Direction).

And To Remain True To The Tribe .

Wilma lives her life accordingly and lets others do so also. Live and let live, she always says.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Element-Tree Education

Fred FlintStem is a rock solid member of our Lemming Lodges.

He knows what he knows.

He knows what his five common senses prove to him to be the truths of this Universe.

Just as there are 5 common senses, there are 5 elements: Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Trees. It is elementary. Every Element-Tree School graduate knows it. We hold these truths to be self evident.

The Earth, of course, is our home and source of mineral wealth.

The Sky is a pie-in-the-eye dream.

Of the last three, the most important are the Trees. Without trees there would be no Fire. Without trees, the rain Waters would flood our Labyrinths of Prosperity.

Fred heard rumors of a Terrifying "Peak Tree" Theory. Someone said we might soon start running low on trees. Fred scampered up to the top of his hole and perched himself on his hind feet. He looked. He listened. He smelled.

His trusty snout smelt the succulent odor of fresh vegetation. It was as powerful a signal as any Petro-age Humanoid might smell when whiffing in fresh vapors at an all night gasoline station. It was still all there. The "Peak" theory was another freak story. Fred's FlintStem brain assured him that the source of life, the source of our Prosperity, would be with us for a long time. No need to worry. No need to fret. Everything is Matada.

"Stay the Course" is what our Lemming leaders tell us.

Fred is a stick-to-it guy and proud of it. In the Lemming Army he learned the Core 4C's: Commitment, Consistency, Courage, and Cooperation. Even if it seemed that the ledge loomed near, a Lemming-Trooper stays the course. The herd stays on its path. We stand our ground. It's a philosophy that has never been wrong before.

Those who profess this "Peak" freak fright stuff are not using their 5 common senses that is for sure. Any Lemming can go up top and smell the forest. Nothing like the smell of fresh palm on a Sunday morning.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dancing in our Dens

Time too much has been spent
on the Human Animals and their Travails

One might fall into the
Illusion That "They" are the Center of the Universe.

Well known it is though,
Lemmings are the Center of the Universe.

We ruled the Earth. It was constructed for us.

The Intelligent Design of
Our Labyrinths of Prosperity
Prove the Point.

Happy Times are Here Again in the West Culture Digs
We prepare to give thanks for the Bounitful Harvest
of Consummmable Goods and Goodies
passed down to us from the "Invisible Claw".

Fred FlintStem and his neighbor Brainless Barney
are this day celebrating with their She-Lemms,
Will-be-mother and Bettie-bye,
the glorious coming of the Retail Splurge Season,

Merry Times are wished for All.
And to all a Merry Mindless Mortgage Engorgement Season!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Panic Dem Dummies

Here at the A-sy-lum, I likes to play wit de other inmates.

I likes to kep em in a constant state of panic.

De utter day I freak'd em wit stories about how's I see terrorrrrists everywhere.

They gone wild. It gave me power. It gave me control capital to spend over dem.

Today I decided to play a new panic angle. My friend, Range Rover calls it panic politics. It's a hoot.

Speaking of hoot, We decided this one was from the birds. Ya all panic now. That there avionic influence-zooma is a coming. Rapture is coming. Yee hah. Get along you Panic-strucken Dem Dummies. Do my bidding oh minions of mine

Monday, October 31, 2005

Peaking Blood Clots

Oil is to Modern Civilization, As blood is to the Human Body.

Both fluids serve as transports of energy to vital organs of the system.

Both fluids help to supply vital nutrients for sustaining "growth" and "repair".

Without sufficient flows, The system (Body or Civilization) "Collapses".

Does it makes sense to argue about the exact time and date of expected Collapse while the system is still alive but suffering from a chronic and increasing clogging of its pipelines?

Don't argue.

Rush in for Bypass Surgery.

Bypass use of Fossils. Switch to Renewable Energy Sources.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Economics 1-0-1

When trouble is near, Protect your vital assets.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Minions of the Manipulative Minority

Managing Empire is hard hard work.

It can be much too much for the privileged elite.

Luckily, there are many a minion available and eager to serve.

Why do the minions serve?

That is a complex question.

More importantly, how do the minions assure the collapse of their civilization?

That is a much simplar process to understand. The minions must deceive two groups, those above them and those below them.

The elite above must not come to suspect that something is going horribly wrong below.

The wretched peasants below must not come to suspect that something is going horribly wrong above.

Only then, can the minions survive, secured in their position on the pyramid, between the powerful elite above and the deluded masses below.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Simple Pledge

I pledge Allegiance to the "Wealth" Symbol ($$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$) of the United Wealth-hoarding States of AdamSmithia;

And to the Republican Ideologies which they stand for, One Globalized-slave Nation under their required God, invisibly-handed, with Liberty and Justice for All the Haves and Have-More's.

And in case you forgot, the obsolete original:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands , one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Understanding Peak-Oil: The Giraffe's Story

We at the Lemming Institute for Geo-rooted Healthy Thought (LIGHT) detect a lack of understanding by most human creatures concerning this "Peak Oil" phenomenon.

It is very simple.

We will let our friend, Piqued Giraffe, tell his story.

"Dear Humans,

Yes it is simple, ... sad, ... but true. I was out in the forrest with my friend, Sino the Giraffe. We were all grazing happily, in a dream like state.

Suddenly, Sino and I bumped tongues. We were reaching for the last of the low-hanging leaves. We frantically looked around. There were no more low-hanging leaves. This was it. The last of the low hangers.

We jostled. I grabbed what I-coulda Rack up in my mouth. Sino lopped off the other half of what was left.

Well that was it. Then I started kind of jumping, practicing if you will. Sino started practicing his jump too.

We each knew. He who jumps higher and harder wins the race for the lowest of the jump-reachable leaves.

We stopped being friends. Yes it is simple, sad, but true.

But need I tell you?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Church of the Holy Hockey Stick

Scientists at the Lemming Institute of Global Hubristic Thinking (LIGHT) have long understood that species enter a resource over-shoot situation when their population enters the fast rising part of the exponential "hockey stick".

A good example is found from the study of the reindeer of St. Matthew Island.

It therefore utterly amazes us lemmings when the humans establish a religous church to welcome the coming of the glorious ascent up the hockey stick handle. Are they all dumb, or is it just a devout subpopulation among them that is so dumb?

They call their church "Economics". They call their ascent up the Stairway of Doom, "Growth" or "Progress" or "Consumerism" or "WEALTH".

They have scientists, yet they do not hear the warnings.

They have leaders incapable of making midcourse corrections (a.k.a. "incapable leaders"), leaders who insist that death is triumph, leaders who "stage their stooges" in place of truth, leaders who stage themselves as Jimmy-Carter look alikes, leaders who do not understand that "Economics" is not a real science but rather a "social science", a set of fictional games invented in the minds of the overly optimistic humans (and regretably yes, also in the minds of our great Lemming Leaders) .... (wow there is no end to this list) ...

[More to come ... still under construction. Graph is from IER site ]

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Radio Daze

Tape playing Backwards from

President's Radio Address

September 24, 2005

END [We fear this lunacy of yours will never end]

{Begin Paragraph = Last }

"The past three weeks have tested our nation and revealed the strength and resilience of our people. "

[We Lemmings see that you "American" humans have failed your test.]

"Americans have the determination and the will to overcome any challenge from man or nature."

["Any" challenge from Nature? What are you insane? We Lemmings know that Mother Nature always wins. You play by her rules or you don't play at all. This confirms our suspicions that you humans are mad.]

" The courageous spirit of America will carry us through any storm, and the compassionate soul of our nation will help us rebuild. Thank you for listening."

[Does not your Adam Smith religion demand more than courage and soul to "rebuild"? Does it not demand "capital" which is why it is called "capitalism"? Where is the brave talk of your Fearless Leader about reaching into his own pocket and providing the capital instead of the hollow compassion?]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑1 }

"In the recovery effort, the American people will play a vital role."

[Where is your "Government"? You know, the people who took all the tax money in this time of need? Why are THEY not playing the vital role? ]

"This week, Laura visited Texas to thank leaders of faith-based groups who've rallied to help their Louisiana neighbors in desperate need. "

[Wouldn't your "faith-based" fanatics believe this is a sign form your Deity to stop your evil, gas-guzzling, planet-polluting ways? ]

"Charities and houses of worship and idealistic men and women across America have opened up their homes, their wallets and their hearts to the victims of Katrina."

[To "open" is a noble thought. Now let go and hand it over you anal retentive! ]

"And with the arrival of another violent storm, our neighbors in the Gulf Coast will need continued help. Our fellow citizens in the affected areas can know they can count on the good hearts of the American people."

[Yeh, forget about "We're from the money-grabbing Government and we are here to help you". The Government has no heart. You better look to the "people" for your only source of relief. ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑2 }

"In the recovery effort, the private sector will play a vital role."

[You're on your own suckers. ]

"To rebuild lives and communities, we need to encourage small business growth in that region, with immediate tax relief and other incentives for job-creating investment."

[Oh yeh. "RELIEF" for those with too much money, that is the first order of business. ]

"Private enterprise is the engine for creating new jobs in America and it will be the engine that drives the recovery of the Gulf Coast."

[Don't you need OIL to drive your engines? Show me the OIL. ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑3 }

"In the recovery effort, state and local leaders will play a vital role in laying out their plans and vision for the future of their communities. Earlier this week, I met with community leaders and local officials in the region to hear their ideas on rebuilding and recovery. I told them that the vision of a revitalized New Orleans should come from the people of New Orleans, and the vision of a new Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama should come from the people of those states. We will do everything we can to guide the recovery effort, and help them realize their vision so that communities along the Gulf Coast are better and stronger than before the storm."

[Hey, wasn't that there Higher Father talking to you? Where is YOUR great vision oh great leadership dude? What the hell are your right wing think tanks doing with the money if not developing "visions"? Now you come hat in hand to the destroyed people of the Gulf? Shouldn't it be the other way around? What is this, PREMEPTIVE VISION VACUUM ? ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑4 }

"As we respond to Hurricane Rita, we're continuing our efforts to help the citizens of the Gulf Coast recover from Hurricane Katrina, a storm that has caused unprecedented destruction across an entire region. The recovery of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi is a commitment of the American people, and in this effort, all Americans have a role to play. In the recovery effort, the federal government has a vital role, and we'll do our duty. We'll help rebuild roads, bridges, schools, water systems and other infrastructure in the disaster zone. We will cut through red tape in Washington so we can speed the work of rebuilding and get the Gulf Coast region back on its feet."

[Let us recommend this not well known HALLIBURTON company for receiving all the money for the noble "rebuild". ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑5 }

"We've also organized and identified civilian volunteers, including more than 200 doctors and more than 400 registered nurses. The American Red Cross is prepared to deliver hundreds of thousands of meals a day. Our government is taking every step possible to protect life and bring comfort to those affected."

[Those are back peddling steps. ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑6 }

"At this moment, the following Navy ships are in the region: the Iwo Jima, the Shreveport, the Tortuga, the Grapple, the Patuxent, and the Comfort. The Texas National Guard has activated its Guardsmen, nearly 3,500 so far, with more on call if they are needed. Coast Guard cutters, aircraft and helicopters are in place, ready to rescue, evacuate, and relocate civilians trapped by the storm. And additional Coast Guard air crews and aircraft are now arriving from around the country."

[Oh yeh. Bring on that "Comfort" noise. That'll scare Mother Nature. ]

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑7 }

"Over the past week, federal, state and local governments have been closely coordinating their efforts for Hurricane Rita. The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA prepositioned food, water, ice, and emergency response teams, and helped with the evacuations in Texas and Louisiana. Military assets were also prepositioned so they could be deployed immediately after the storm passes."

{Begin Paragraph = Last‑8 }

"THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This weekend I will visit U.S. Northern Command in Colorado where we're monitoring Hurricane Rita. As the hurricane continues along its destructive path, the American people can know courageous and dedicated men and women are responding to our citizens in need. We are marshaling resources of the federal government to save lives and property, and bring comfort to those who have evacuated because of this storm."

[Oh yeh. Keep that "Comfort" noise a coming. Those who are in power are hunkering in a spider hole somewhere deep in a mountain in Colorado. What bravery. Why this is even more compassion than that compassionate hand wave from 3,000 feet. ]