Sunday, April 30, 2006

Travels of the Myopic Juice Hunter (Chapt 2)

Nearsighted as he might be, our Myopic Hero was unfazed.

He committed all his resources to a journey that would take him to the Land of the Fog, to find the mythical Tree of the Life Juice.

As he walked, he noticed the geological formations below his web-toed feet.

Mother Nature, it seems had followed a strange pattern. There were rocks of all sizes, large and small. However, the largest of the large never seemed to exceed a certain size. And for every large there were many more smalls.

Why even a bird brain could understand that once all the largest marbles had been removed from the pool there would only remain the smaller of the geological formations. And once the the bigger of those remainders were removed, there would only remain the smaller of what Mother Nature had created.

It was a simple truth. He was still a long way off from the crazed frenzy of Fog Land. This basic concept seemed clear as a desert oasis to our intrepid voyager. Soon, however, he would forget himself as he fell into the drunken world of the Life Juice.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Travels of the Myopic Juice Hunter



in the


our Myopic Hero

stumbles upon a stranger with wonderous tales. He speaks of an elixir that gives one ever lasting power. It is called the Juice of Life. It comes in flavors, sweet and sour. Those who posses it attain great powers, abilities to transport almost instantly to far away places, abilities to work large farms with a single hand, in short to enjoy a life style that soon becomes non-negotaible.

But where to find this wonderous juice, asks our short of vision voyager.

A tree, answers the wise stranger.
It roots in the Land of the Fog. There is only one such tree and all who know of it seek it out to satiate their ever growing thirst.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pushed & Pulled into the Fib Pit Once Again

They mis-led us about their Cause 'a Bellie (reason for war) the last time around. Remember their WMD Intelli-flops and flips? Remember their We'll-be-met-with Showers-of-Flowers fibs? Remember Colin Powell's UN show & tell? Remember Valerie Plame? Remember Niger Yellowcake?

Now they deceive us again.

This time their deceptions and diversions spin about our so-called "Pain o' the Pump".

They suggest a conspiracy of greedy oil giants. They point to evil foreigners who withhold the goodies from us or take what is rightfully ours.

They play the partisan pull-me push-you game. All to keep you away from knowing what is really happening on the global scale. Global production is falling behind. Global demand is leaping ahead. --Production will never catch up with Demand again. We are rolling over the peak and falling into the downhill abyss.

The politicians are forever suckering us deeper into the tar pits with misdirects and misleads.

Learn the deeper truth here at The Oil Drum

Monday, April 24, 2006

Seeing is Believing


To control the ape brain,

One needs to control what it sees.

Hide the unpleasant pictures.

Flash the enobling ones.

Nobility is, as nobility shows itself.

Do not gaze on the image below.
It is a hoax.
Fabricated by unpatriotic traitors.
By those
who refuse to see
that freedom is on the march.
Them who did not cut and run,
now lay proud, free and noble.
Dare not criticize them who made the ultimate sacrifice,
or those who gave them the opportunity to do so.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sad is when you make me look Bad

See my minion smile.

His resignation is now
on file.

He failed to make me look good.

So leave he must for sake of nationhood.

I am the Decider man.

In other words, doing the hard decisions as best I can.

These are hard hard times.

Thank Higher'd Father for the guy that writes my rhymes.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Make Me Look Good

Image is Position in our Pyramid Scheme Society.

At every station up along the Triangles of Power there stands a Lord who bades his or her minions to make the Leader Look Good, or else.

Bad news does not shine a politically proper kind of spotlight in the Leader's throne room.

Bad news, real as it may be, is to be buried, denied and denegrated.

Cornucopian news, false as it might be, is to be blared with bubbly enthusiasm from every bullhorn in the Leader's realm.

"Make me look good" is all that counts.

So what if a catastrophe of epic proportions threatens the Kingdom? So what if the coffers are spent beyond all measure of rational exuberance? So what if the armies are meeting with defeat after defeat? So what if the economy is faltering? So what if the liquid of power is running dry? Ours is not to question. Ours is not to be disloyal. Ours is to bow in awe of that shining image on the top of the Hill.

We sure know how to bow to false but authoritative images.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chicken Little Bumps into Mr. Ostrich Head

The concept of Chicken Little (CL) confronting Mr. Ostrich Head (MOH) comes from Anthropik here

Not discussed is the risk v. reward equation. Let's say there are equal chances that CL and MOH are right. If MOH is right and we panic & spend money trying to fix a problem that is not there, well then we are out of that amount of money. If CL is right and we DON'T panic & spend money trying to fix the problem, then we pay the price of the sky falling on our head. Which is worse?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Three Amigos Ride Again

Legend has it that a great civilization once existed where only these ruins remain.