Friday, March 30, 2007

For Whom The School Bell Tolls

All Lemmings are created equal.

Some Lemmings, though, are more equal than others.

Consider if you will the case of Lemm Tillman (no affiliation to the lawyer Lemm, Tillem).

Clearly Tillman was chosen by the Lemm Lord to be deserving of extra praise, of extra adulation and extraordinary treatment. He was gifted with an athletic body and a statuesque countenance. This was a sign from the Lemm Lords. The cheerleaders knew and they cheered him his whole life. They all came to weep for him, over his flag draped coffin, after he had made the "ultimate sacrifice," the one that put him over the edge of the ledge "for God and Country". Truly Mother Nature can look us square in the eyes and proclaim that this was a True Lemm, a Noble Lemm.

Consider on the other hand, the case of Casey, the SheLemm Cindy's unworthy son. He was and is a nobody. He did not play varsity lemmball. He did not pledge allegiance at every game. He did not garner the spot light. The cheer leaders did come a weeping to his grave site. No. Only one bleeding heart, left titling and unworthy mother stood over his mound. Who is she? Who was he? Nobodies.

God Bless Lemmerica, Land that we love.

Most of all, God bless our jock elite, the ones who truly count.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Freedom's Edge

Don't tread on me. ... Live free or die. These are the words enshrined in America's concept of "freedom", of the "American Dream" itself. We take it as a given that all men are born with the inalienable right to acquire property and pursue happiness in whatever manner they see fit. For what else do you think the American Revolutionary War was fought? For what other reason did all our grandfathered forefathers come to America in the first place?

So when Al Gore shows up to testify in Congress that carbon must be taxed and no man is any longer his own SUV island; well of course those who defend our "freedoms" are going to see red. They're going to see Al as a Pinko Commie traitor rather that as Jesus incarnate come here to "Save the World".

Two diametrically opposed views of how the world should be. A classic confrontation between those who want no government (anarchy) and those who want central environmental planning (Greenarchy). Which way will America row her boat?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ya All Invited to an Old Fashion Cook Up

Fiddling while Civilization burns is a time honored tradition. Heck why even Nero did it. So ya all invited (even you Al) to a good old fashion Oklahomie cook up. We's a frying up the Planet Earth. Not to worry. The Sun is warming. The polars caps on Mars are melting. And soon we all are just gonna pick up and move to that new frontier. It's a Western tradition.

In the mean time why don't ya all (even you homie-boy Al'star) mosey over to the Inhofe ranch for a great Barbara Boxer-Q. We're using the best of ingredients to fire up this old cow. Some Oklahoma crude oil, a bit of natural gas and lots of home dug clean coal.

Got some good music planned for ya all. The Homa Town Hoaxters is gonna be playing their new hit, "Hot Town and the Homa's Sizzlin". It's a sure fire winner.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Smiling and Serious Science

This is a smiling infant orangutan.

This is a smiling scientist of the allegedly "skeptical kind" according to this New York Times Science article.

This is a scientific "observation".

This is a scientific "observation".

Smiling is associated with being happy and sometimes with being blissfully ignorant of what is coming your way.
Tilting one's head is associated with polite dissent. With deceptive appearance of agreeing while not agreeing.
Are you smiling?
Is your head tilted?
Or do you still step back to the hard science?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Edging Al Out of Our Herd and Hearts, Stage Left

To your right is a headline snapshot from the venerable New York Times (NYT).

Many have termed this anti-Gore piece as "slime" and "sloppy" journalism. But is it? Is it slop or broadly speaking, a work of superb craftsmanship? Did NYT journalist William Broad author all of this all by himself? Or is it just another example of journalistic pretexting? Did he have help? And if yes, from whom?

An up close inspection is warranted here Watson. Who is William Broad? How can such a precisely engineered psycho-linguistic banner ("Rapt Audience"), overlaid on a photoshopped photo of a Green Glowing Gore be an example of "sloppiness"? Maybe, instead it is a carefully orchestrated hit job, a swift boat torpedo strike caught in its tracks? And launched from none other than the S.S. NYT?

Michael Shaw unveils here one of the many visual connotations to be drawn between the photo and placement of the banner word, "Hype".

Joe Brewer reveals here a "framed" view of the NYT torpedo launch.

See the original NY Times article here.

But there is so much more to be found in the fine details of this crafted work. There is the picture. There is the headline. There are the three alarm fire words.

What's In a Picture?

Now remember to use {Alt}+{Tab} while toggling {Tab} to jump back and forth as you launch this blowup of picture A (from the NYT page). and this blowup of picture B (from an independent source).

Do you see any differences? Keep switching back and forth.

Are you starting to notice anything? Was that dirty storm a creamy donut in the center? Was Al's shirts faded and dirty or bright shiny blue? Not sure about what Al's shirt usually looks like? Then look here. And here. Do a little comparison shopping. Have you been photo-shopped? Surprised? Here is the original NY Times page again.

What's In a Word?

Look at the NY Times Headline. What's in a title?

Note the "Rapt Audience". Observe that "Rapt Audience" resonates with "Wrapped Audience".

Yes, "wrapped" as in separately covered, insulated, safe, and spaced apart from the looney loner on stage. The Green Glow Geek is out there on stage left and "we" are all here, safely wrapped in the audience, cuddling up with the doubting scientists. Why that makes all of us "doubting scientists". That makes all of us rational thinkers. And we are proud to be so. Proud to be part of the main stream. The creamy white center.

Only lonely, looney Gore is out there, marginalized on stage left and listening to the "wrapped audience" hissing at him, telling him to Cool his Hype. It's all true. Isn't it?

Go ahead and deny it.

But your brain isn't that dumb.

It saw.

It understood.

It received all the mixed messages.

It absorbed all the mixed messages, subconsciously, behind your forehead.

We could go on and on to demonstrate the reverse suspension of disbelief in the opening line of the NYT hit piece. The substantive message of Gore's performance is stealthfully twisted into an "alarmist's" delusions, an on-fire film. It is the work product of the few loonies of Hollywood and of the gullible majority of scientists. But luckily for us, a cadre of doubting Michaels have emerged from the dark audience, from the wrapped silence, to cool our minds with their hypnotizing hyperbole. And for that we thank them.