Saturday, January 28, 2006

Regaining Our Reign

Sometimes, We the People, forget who owns the powers and gave "limited" amounts, with checks, balances and right of reclamation to them who think they can re-attain "Nobility" by threat of terror, by proclamation of "inherent" powers, or by other means of mental manipulation and evasion.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

State of the Neo-Con Fusion State

I appreciate ya all came here ta hear talk bout the state of our Union. I looked inta the eyes of our Union and Ah found goodness there. So it's good. It's all good. Those of ya that got more improtant things ta do now, like catching the latest Nascar race scores, well ya can get along now dogs cause I already told ya it's all good. I do this under my inherent and unitary powers as Commander and Chief of the Universe. So when I speak, ya know it's basically as good as God speakin ta ya all. I appreciate that you took time to listen and the Higher Father appreciates it too. Now I also appreciate that some of you might not fully appreciate it when I tell you everything is good. Some of you might have unpatriotic thoughts about our victory in Iraq. Some of you might have uncountryman-like thoughts about our handling of Katrina. Some of you might unconstitutionally question my picks for the Supreme Court. Sure we have had some tough times, but the State of our Union is getting better all the time. These are opportunities and I aim to take advantage, to spend my political capital on these opportunities. I aim to challenge TERROR-IZM wherever it rears it's ugly head. Behind you. See? I made you look. Deep in your heart of hearts you know the fear lurks there. Karl told me to take advantage of your most primitive fears and I appreciate what Karl says. I see TERROR-IZM. I see TERROR-IZM everywhere. Seeing TERROR-IZM everywhere is good fur ya. It sharpens the mind and dulls the wit. We've got to be united and strong in our world wide fight aginst all this TERROR-IZM. We've got to have a coalition of the willing and the patriotic to stand up to all this TERROR-IZM. We are the YOU-KNIGHTED STATES of AM-erica and we will not be pushed around. We will find TERROR-IZM wherever we choose to find it and we will preemptivley strike out against the TERROR-IZM over there so we don't have to fight it over here. All this is logic pure and simple. I appreciate that some of ya think yar intellectuals. Some of ya think yar smarter than me. John Kerry thought he was smarter than me. But he hadn't played Cowboys and Intellectual Heads against me. He didn't realize that he was going to vote for me after he thought he voted against me. He should of talked to my friends at Diebold. They would of told him. So you see my friends. The Sate of Union is good. Good Night and God Bless (me).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Born to be What you are

We blame others for being what they are.

But did they have a choice?

Did they choose to be what they are or was most of it preordained by the birth lottery? Did they pick their parents? Did they pick the culture they would be brought up in? Did they pick the religion they would follow? Did they pick the history that surrounds them? Did they pick the framework in which they see the world?

So why do we blame them (and not ourselves)? Why do we fail to understand that they are victims of their circumstances much as we are of our own?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Their Eyes Glazed Over

Course of course this web blog is kind of a joke. We pretend to be lemmings, intelligent lemming scientists who study the human creatures.

Those humans remind us of us. After all, they are mammals with herd instincts just like our own. They run around under the illusion that they are "intelligent". They "burrow" themselves into a hole in order to build solid communities of prosperity. They overbreed, go crazy, and start a stampede ....

How did this investigation into the lemming-human connection start?

Someone on one of the peak oil sites wrote of their attempt to communicate with fellow creatures about Peak Oil

"Their eyes glazed over," is the way that poster explained it. That got me started. Why? Why do their eyes glaze over? That is one of the questions this web blog explores.

Lemmings are we.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Loosening the Manacles of Manic Manipulation

On the Morning after "Nutcracker" Magic, the eye blinks open wondering if it was merely a dream, or more so, a well scripted stage show whose splendor now shatters like brittle ice crystals struck by a rising day's sun.

Some say America is Awakening.

The Shock and Awe of 9/11 is gone.

Fear of Fear has become just a tiresome Clockwork of so many Codes Orange and Red rather than a dazzling rainbow of post-storm hallucinations.

The bullhorn pulpit is gone.

A spotlight shines instead on missions promised but not accomplished.

So many billions gone and nothing to show for it.

America realizes she had been in the grips of a Manic Manipulator.

Now the seductive shackles of blind faith in a resolute leader come undone. We ask ourselves. "What have we wrought? Have we become the Destroyer of World?"