Saturday, May 20, 2006

Travels of the Myopic Juice Hunter (Chapt 6)

In a blink
of a
Hero finds himself caged

in a Thought
Correct- ional

"You have free will," booms a voice from the front. "Ours is a free market where all can compete fairly and freely in pursuit of their life, liberty and happiness."

"But before you are loosed on society, we must make sure you understand the rules. Our only text is 'Wealth of Tunnel Visions' by Adam Smith. It will be your Bible. We do not mix religion with state affairs. However, by the time we are done with you, you will believe unquestionably in an 'Invisible Hand'. The Hand knows all and does good for all who worship it."

"Let us begin. Open your book to Chapter 1, Supply and Demand in an ideal marketplace ..."

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