Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Church of the Holy Hockey Stick

Scientists at the Lemming Institute of Global Hubristic Thinking (LIGHT) have long understood that species enter a resource over-shoot situation when their population enters the fast rising part of the exponential "hockey stick".

A good example is found from the study of the reindeer of St. Matthew Island.

It therefore utterly amazes us lemmings when the humans establish a religous church to welcome the coming of the glorious ascent up the hockey stick handle. Are they all dumb, or is it just a devout subpopulation among them that is so dumb?

They call their church "Economics". They call their ascent up the Stairway of Doom, "Growth" or "Progress" or "Consumerism" or "WEALTH".

They have scientists, yet they do not hear the warnings.

They have leaders incapable of making midcourse corrections (a.k.a. "incapable leaders"), leaders who insist that death is triumph, leaders who "stage their stooges" in place of truth, leaders who stage themselves as Jimmy-Carter look alikes, leaders who do not understand that "Economics" is not a real science but rather a "social science", a set of fictional games invented in the minds of the overly optimistic humans (and regretably yes, also in the minds of our great Lemming Leaders) .... (wow there is no end to this list) ...

[More to come ... still under construction. Graph is from IER site ]


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Publius seems dubious
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Tim of Suburbia said...

Great post. You may want to turn on the blogger commenting validation thingy. I think you're getting some comment spam here.

head lem said...

Thanks Tim of the Suburbs

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