Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Understanding Peak-Oil: The Giraffe's Story

We at the Lemming Institute for Geo-rooted Healthy Thought (LIGHT) detect a lack of understanding by most human creatures concerning this "Peak Oil" phenomenon.

It is very simple.

We will let our friend, Piqued Giraffe, tell his story.

"Dear Humans,

Yes it is simple, ... sad, ... but true. I was out in the forrest with my friend, Sino the Giraffe. We were all grazing happily, in a dream like state.

Suddenly, Sino and I bumped tongues. We were reaching for the last of the low-hanging leaves. We frantically looked around. There were no more low-hanging leaves. This was it. The last of the low hangers.

We jostled. I grabbed what I-coulda Rack up in my mouth. Sino lopped off the other half of what was left.

Well that was it. Then I started kind of jumping, practicing if you will. Sino started practicing his jump too.

We each knew. He who jumps higher and harder wins the race for the lowest of the jump-reachable leaves.

We stopped being friends. Yes it is simple, sad, but true.

But need I tell you?

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head lem said...

Before Peak Oil,
there was
"Peak Wood"
not funny:

Everyone should come to understand the lessons of Easter Island:
(Click on Chapt. 5)