Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh say can you see? Gee Dee Pee

Human creatures in the Western Digs much adore the color of their urinations.

The self-proclaimed wisest of them, namely, their ECO-NOMINALISTS often stand up proudly and shout, "Gee Dee Pee!"

Here at the Lemming Institute of Geopolitical Human Think-tanking (The LIGHT) we are constantly grappling with the question,
Why do the human economists love this "GDP" term?

Some at our Institute argue that GDP has to do with "Production" as in producing things of "value". More so, they argue that GDP involves the adding up of all creations of "value" within a certain geographic area known as the USA; which is why the humans sometimes relabel their "Gee Dee Pee" proclamations as Gross Domestic Product.

Yet others at our Institute argue that the Western faction of the Human race does not know the difference between things of true "value" and things of anti-value. Look, they point out, at the way the Humans feed themselves for example. They build feeding depots known as "Fast Food" (FF) outlets. They manufacture artificial edibles that are made mostly of animal fat, grease, starch and sugars. They dress these anti-value things up prettily and encourage their young Lemms to devour the stuff.

Then they count how much "money" was made from encouraging Lemm youth to feed at the troughs of toxins. Then they add in the counted up monies to form a large part of their proudly proclaimed, Gee Dee Pee (GDP).

Does that make sense? Is that the sign post of an intelligent species?
Or is it just a race of clowns?

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Anonymous said...

"Phantom GDP", here is the link to the Business Week article.