Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mississippi: The "We Know It All" State

Mississippians understand the current energy problem, and we know the solution. In fact, we're implementing it right now. Our state is leading the way in both traditional energy and alternative fuels research and production.
Under construction around Mississippi are advanced new ethanol, biodiesel and lignite plants. Mississippi farmers are growing more corn and other material that can be used for alternative fuels.

That's right folk. Senator Trent Lott has "the answer". Mississippi is the "We know the solution" state. Missouri on the other hand, is dying to know because they are the "show me" state. Here is more on how Mississippi's US Senator Trent Lott (R) sees the solution:

To enact a working energy policy, Congress must ditch the special interest "watchdog" groups and instead start watching the American people. If we craft energy legislation around America's market demand for energy and first-world innovation, America could quickly overcome our dependence on third-world nations for so much of our energy.
I'm for increasing automobile mileage standards. I'm for prosecuting price gougers. I'm for renewable and clean energy. But considered unilaterally, these are not solutions, but mere statements designed primarily for political purposes.

That is the real reason why the current Democrat's Energy Bill is stalled in the US Senate. It has nothing to do with the Iron Triangle.

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