Saturday, April 15, 2006

Make Me Look Good

Image is Position in our Pyramid Scheme Society.

At every station up along the Triangles of Power there stands a Lord who bades his or her minions to make the Leader Look Good, or else.

Bad news does not shine a politically proper kind of spotlight in the Leader's throne room.

Bad news, real as it may be, is to be buried, denied and denegrated.

Cornucopian news, false as it might be, is to be blared with bubbly enthusiasm from every bullhorn in the Leader's realm.

"Make me look good" is all that counts.

So what if a catastrophe of epic proportions threatens the Kingdom? So what if the coffers are spent beyond all measure of rational exuberance? So what if the armies are meeting with defeat after defeat? So what if the economy is faltering? So what if the liquid of power is running dry? Ours is not to question. Ours is not to be disloyal. Ours is to bow in awe of that shining image on the top of the Hill.

We sure know how to bow to false but authoritative images.

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