Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sad is when you make me look Bad

See my minion smile.

His resignation is now
on file.

He failed to make me look good.

So leave he must for sake of nationhood.

I am the Decider man.

In other words, doing the hard decisions as best I can.

These are hard hard times.

Thank Higher'd Father for the guy that writes my rhymes.


Five Things that Make Me Mad said...

I hate lemmings.

Please send me a list of five things you hate for my blog. Email is Thanks!

head lem said...

Lemmings hate:
1. Crutches --like using a parachute when taking your ledge leap-- how cowardly and against the will of Mother Nature.
2. Those who cut and run rather than staying the course to the ledge and beyond.
3. Those who stray from our ledgeward bound herd. (More is merrier during a good ole stampede we say.)
4. Those who try to engage in rational thought. (If lemms were meant to think, God would have given them a neo-cortex, for heavens sake!)
5. Those who don't go along to get along.