Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pushed & Pulled into the Fib Pit Once Again

They mis-led us about their Cause 'a Bellie (reason for war) the last time around. Remember their WMD Intelli-flops and flips? Remember their We'll-be-met-with Showers-of-Flowers fibs? Remember Colin Powell's UN show & tell? Remember Valerie Plame? Remember Niger Yellowcake?

Now they deceive us again.

This time their deceptions and diversions spin about our so-called "Pain o' the Pump".

They suggest a conspiracy of greedy oil giants. They point to evil foreigners who withhold the goodies from us or take what is rightfully ours.

They play the partisan pull-me push-you game. All to keep you away from knowing what is really happening on the global scale. Global production is falling behind. Global demand is leaping ahead. --Production will never catch up with Demand again. We are rolling over the peak and falling into the downhill abyss.

The politicians are forever suckering us deeper into the tar pits with misdirects and misleads.

Learn the deeper truth here at The Oil Drum

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