Saturday, June 10, 2006

Travels of the Myopic Juice Hunter (Chapt 9)

Heavens, No ! Mrs. Robinson.

Hero the Graduate confronts the realities of SUV-Irbia.

"One word:" buds in a gray-hair
tea toadler,

Hero knows not what to say.

Cock a doodle do, Mrs. Robinson?

Here he stands in the confusion of Sprawl-Mart Land with hardly a grasp on the spin and balance of the place. Media attacks come from everywhere. Buy this. Shop that. Get more. Get more. Gitt mo. Help!

All his Edge-OK-shin dissolves into a diffuse background beat in the face of this on-the-edge occasion. His professors had not prepared Hero for the onslaught of the Madison Avenue and K-Street mind benders. Hero's chicken brain takes over control in this moment of fright, fear and confusion. Save us, it says. We must continue. We must persevere. Our preciousness must go on. Grab for the brass ring. Become one with Subversia. Hero faints.

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