Friday, June 23, 2006

Travels of the Myopic Juice Hunter (Chapt 11)

The sky blooms into wide open blue glory as Hero finds himself soaring with a supportive flock of like minded friends.

This is where eagles hang. No one cuts and runs. Heroes do not flinch and flee. Heroes remain loyal to the cause. Stay the course. Stick to the plan. Remain on message.

And what is the message?

Hero pauses for a listen.

They are all murmurring the same lines of prayer that he had learned so well in Edge-occasion school. It can't be wrong if they all say it is right. Can it?

The murmur of the flying crowd continues.

"The Market shall provide." "The Market shall provide." "The Market shall provide." "The Market shall provide."

"Progress is perpetual." "Progress is perpetual." "Progress is perpetual."

"Technology is our savior." "Technology is our savior." "Technology is our savior." "Technology is our savior." "Technology is our savior."

The Smith is Great.

Blessed is the Smith.

His will be done.

Here on Reality Earth as it is in Fantasy Heaven.


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