Monday, March 19, 2007

Smiling and Serious Science

This is a smiling infant orangutan.

This is a smiling scientist of the allegedly "skeptical kind" according to this New York Times Science article.

This is a scientific "observation".

This is a scientific "observation".

Smiling is associated with being happy and sometimes with being blissfully ignorant of what is coming your way.
Tilting one's head is associated with polite dissent. With deceptive appearance of agreeing while not agreeing.
Are you smiling?
Is your head tilted?
Or do you still step back to the hard science?


Anonymous said...

Response to the Grist Funny Bunny is here.

Funny Bunny attack is here.

Do try this at home.
Copy the original Gore photo into a drawing program and turn the Red down. See for yourself what actually happens.

Anonymous said...

A few more Inconvenient Truths about the NYT hit job may be found here at Media Matters.

Anonymous said...

Hat tip to Deltoid for a lead to this Is Science Getting "Framed"? article and to this follow up on the right wing sponsored "War on Gore".

We live in interesting "Times" (all the misleads fit to print).