Friday, March 30, 2007

For Whom The School Bell Tolls

All Lemmings are created equal.

Some Lemmings, though, are more equal than others.

Consider if you will the case of Lemm Tillman (no affiliation to the lawyer Lemm, Tillem).

Clearly Tillman was chosen by the Lemm Lord to be deserving of extra praise, of extra adulation and extraordinary treatment. He was gifted with an athletic body and a statuesque countenance. This was a sign from the Lemm Lords. The cheerleaders knew and they cheered him his whole life. They all came to weep for him, over his flag draped coffin, after he had made the "ultimate sacrifice," the one that put him over the edge of the ledge "for God and Country". Truly Mother Nature can look us square in the eyes and proclaim that this was a True Lemm, a Noble Lemm.

Consider on the other hand, the case of Casey, the SheLemm Cindy's unworthy son. He was and is a nobody. He did not play varsity lemmball. He did not pledge allegiance at every game. He did not garner the spot light. The cheer leaders did come a weeping to his grave site. No. Only one bleeding heart, left titling and unworthy mother stood over his mound. Who is she? Who was he? Nobodies.

God Bless Lemmerica, Land that we love.

Most of all, God bless our jock elite, the ones who truly count.

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