Saturday, March 24, 2007

Freedom's Edge

Don't tread on me. ... Live free or die. These are the words enshrined in America's concept of "freedom", of the "American Dream" itself. We take it as a given that all men are born with the inalienable right to acquire property and pursue happiness in whatever manner they see fit. For what else do you think the American Revolutionary War was fought? For what other reason did all our grandfathered forefathers come to America in the first place?

So when Al Gore shows up to testify in Congress that carbon must be taxed and no man is any longer his own SUV island; well of course those who defend our "freedoms" are going to see red. They're going to see Al as a Pinko Commie traitor rather that as Jesus incarnate come here to "Save the World".

Two diametrically opposed views of how the world should be. A classic confrontation between those who want no government (anarchy) and those who want central environmental planning (Greenarchy). Which way will America row her boat?

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The Clay Man said...

I vote greenarchy.