Friday, June 29, 2007

The Borelli Chronicles

I am Tom Borelli, a portfolio manager ...
While science [and it's] implicating human activity [as being responsible for] global warming is uncertain and speculative,
the economic costs of cap and trade legislation are certain and severe.

We Lemmings wish for certain we could be kidding to you. But alas fellow Kahzakstanians and other citizens of the Planet, this is how the human creatures on the rightward bank think. "Science" is wrong and uncertain. "Economics" is unquestionably the only true view of how the Universe could work and must work. There is no other possibility.
Here is more of among the sayings of Chairman Borelli:

Our entire government - and many business leaders as well - need a heavy dose of re-education in the ways of free enterprise and free markets if Americans are to maintain the highest standard of living the world has ever known.

We want to tell you it is untrue. But this indeed is what the Chairman proclaimed at recent Senate hearings on Climate Change:

From the perspective of a portfolio manager, I am extremely concerned about the economic impact of cap and trade legislation on the economy and our portfolio. Growth of the stock market depends on a cheap and plentiful energy supply to feed a thriving economy. Capping energy is capping economic growth.

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