Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stampede of the Lemm-like Humans

It's tragic what happened to some of your fellow humans in Iraq with that bridge stampede. We lemmings understand and are sympathetic. When fear of imminent death spikes through the herd, emotions flare and the feet take over for the brain. We understand.

However, when there are years of warning by scientists and hardly any human pays heed, and you destroy our shared planet, that we do not understand. When you continue to drive your SUV's and drive the atmosphere into respiratory distress, that we do not understand. Have you no brains? Can you not devise a system of governance that addresses problems bigger than whether abortion is right or wrong at 3 months, or whether free markets rule the roost? What kind of hypocritical world do you bring your fetuses into anyway? One that is polluted, bellegirant, and depleting all vital resources. It makes no sense.


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