Sunday, September 04, 2005

Brain Basics 101

    Brain Basics 101

The Triune Human Brain appears to closely follow our Lemming Logic Layers, except, as you all know, the Humans are not Limbic Leaning in the fashion of our EleaNoR Roost Ov-Lemm ancestors.

The Humans are Reptile-Rooted like RoNaLd Right Grin, their patriarch. Reptilian "Me-He" thinking dominates in their cultures. We Lemmings are more We-Tribe oriented, which is why we follow the crowd to whatever edge of the ledge our instincts take us.

Yes, the Humans do have a small amount of Neo-cortical rational thought, but it is mostly directed to denial (nah nah) of the ledge. They, more so than we, believe their lives will go on after the ledge, in the "after life".

Their Christians sense the LNR trinity in their three part God-Head. Their Muslims obsess over the keeping of the One and its continuance. Both deny that She-ness of the Limbic Roost-Ov Lemm Stem. Their Hindus accept the possibility, but in a diffuse, splintered way.

How do we activate their dorminant Neo layer? That is the problem.

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