Friday, February 03, 2006

Chronicles of Nary-a-Sheehania

The children feel safe when they know that those with courage to stand up for truth and justice are on board.

And so it came to be on the eve of the Emperor's State of the Empire Speech that the Robed Ward entered the magical chamber to join forces with the Lion Defender of Ly'in and Spy'in and to do battle against the White Witch of Sheehania.

The Witch of Sheehania was always bitching about her lost boy. She failed to see the magic of Christmas and of the White Washing. Her T-Shirt was dark and carried a gruesome number: 2,245, the number of the beast.

Our children need to be protected from such horrid realities. So the Lion sent his forces of good up into the Galleries to remove the thou-protest'ith too much Witch from the festivities.

Praised be the Lord and the Lion. The Emperor's speech came to be delivered without a hint of the Witch's Warnings. The children went to sleep happy and safe that night.

And the Generals proudly wore their We-Don't-Symbolize-Anything Costumes. All in all, it was alovely evening.

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