Wednesday, February 01, 2006

She wore an Incy Binci, Anti-War Bikini to the President's Ball Last Night

They arrested Cinderella Sheehan for trying to wear a pinko anti-war T-shirt under her conservative debutant's costume while attending the President's Oil Barrons' Banquet last night by invitation.

On first blush, that sounds fair and balanced. After all, who is she to wear an outfit that sends a policy-challenging message for all the "common people" to see? (Big deal that her son died for the "Noble Cause".)

On the other hand, there were lots of other folk at the Bush SOTUS Banquet wearing all kinds of funny, policy-supporting costumes. There were soldiers garnished in hawkish Army and Navy costumes. There were Supreme Court judges robed in fake, fair and balanced togas. It was just Cinderella's obtrusive fashion message that was adjudged out of style. Maybe it was Cinderella's slippers? Perhaps they were magical glass ones that out-shined the Emperor's Robes?

Sheehan story with photos here

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Cindy's version of what happened:
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