Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wowo Wee ! Only Lemmies Stampee-d

According to an updated Forbes report, at least 73 of the human creatures have been counted as dead.

It was the desire for private wealth, for winnning the WOWwo WEE lottery that drove them into the maddening frenzy.

Meanwhile, in another story relating to human over population, the chase for survival and for earning a living in this mad, mad world, the British Telegraph reports over 1000 human critters killed in mass drowning incident. We Lemmings empathize with you humans. Many of us die in stampedes, mass drownings and other over-the-ledge runs for survival's sake. I guess we share many attributes, no?

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Anonymous said...

ABC News here has a more detailed story on the truck fire that led to the disaster. ABC's story also mentions an earlier sinking in October that was attributed to a passenger stampede.