Saturday, February 25, 2006

Their Tongues Were Wailing God

In our prosperous lemming holes there are many who wail the name of God.

You humans may find kinship with some of our worshipping brothers.

Take for example those of our lemm-folk who worship Alla-Lemm AchBear. They say that the God inside their mind is the one and only possible God. There can be no other. All lemmings must obey his word or perish. The name and image of his holy prophet, Moe-had-Lemm must never be disrespected. If they sense anything that smells of disrespect, they go into a wild rage, burning things and caving in other lemming's tunnels. It is the will of their God.

Another faction of our Lemming Brotherhood worships Jee-Lemm Christopher and claim that he, rather than Moe-had-Lemm is the true prophet of God. The Jee-Lemm worshippers have a God who is shaped differently from the one and singular Alla-Lemm AchBear. The Jee-Lemm God has three heads. His follwers call the triune heads: The Paternal, The Offspring and The Holy Spirit. Jee-Lemm was the Offspring. You can't see or touch The Holy Spirit. You just got to believe.

Sometimes the Jee-Lemm worshippers go on "Holy" Crusades against the followers of Alla-Lemm AchBear. Sometimes the followers of Moe-had-Lemm go on "Holy" Jihads against the worshippers of Jee-Lemm. As they go about killing each other and destroying the world, their tongues wail the name of God.

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