Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Freedoom is a Cup o' CAFTA in the Morning

George loves the word "free".
It means so many wonderful things.

"Free" means you are not caught in a cage like some other poor lemming whose luck turned upside down.

"Free" means relaxing and not having to worry your little lemming head about hard hard stuff.

"Free" is cake for the cranium.

Today, someone offered George a Cup o' CAFTA.

During the swift sales pitch, they slipped in the "free" word.

George likes "free".

He did not understand the rest of the stuff, but he sure as serfdom understands "free".

There was something about "free trade".

There was something about freedoom being on the march.

Lemmings like to march. Lemmings like to march to their FREEdoom.

George Jumpsoon doesn't need no more knowledge. He knows what he knows.

He knows he likes a FREE Cup 'o CAFTA in the morning.

Get your free Cup 'o CAFTA here.

Get a free refill here and munch on some NAFTA nuts while you're at it.


head lem said...

Apologies from the editor of the Lemming Ledger.

Things happen so so fast around here in the United Colonies of Le'mmircA.

It's hard hard for a lemming head to keep up with it all.

It's all so confusing.

One of these days I'm going to catch up.
There's no denying the truth in that.

head lem said...

Prosperity is for the Prosperous.

I like the sound of that.

Sounds like sound logic to my lemm skull.

You too should be on the march to freedoom.
You too will agree with this:

Who needs Tour de' France when Tour de Tijuana already tells ya all that Prosperity and Progress are on the march for us all?

Sing it brothers:
(Yes you too)

We are marching to Prosperity,
... to Prosperity,
... to Prosperity,
Prosperity Hooray !!!