Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jumping to Conclusions

Lemmings are easily excitable.

Once the emotions start churning, reason steps over the edge.

They are quick to jump to conclusions .... wrong conclusions.

The rush to the ridge does not spontaneously arise from nothing.

First there must be instigation.

One thought is implanted and then the next.

Slowly. Step by step.

Just as the frog in the kettle does not realize temperatures are imperceptibly rising to a boil, the instigated jumper does not realize he or she is being played, egged on, goaded.

From nowhere, the first bubble of rage suddenly errupts and rises. More bubbles follow. The emotions are set into a foaming fury. And then there is that maddening rush, out of reason, and branching out onto unsupportable assumptions.


Human beings have brains.

We cannot be egged on, goaded, confused and incited into doing irrational things.

We cannot be programmed like Pavlov's dogs.

Take for example this piece on the issue of "Peak Oil". In the end the author simply seeks for you to send sustenance to his depleting bank account:

But in the run up to that conclusion he wants you to train yourself into jumping on command.

1) First you must agree that, unlike his depleting bank account, depletion of oil is a hoax.

2) Next you must agree, and perhaps you have been programmed to doing so before, that there are "Zionist cabals" out there. Peak Oil is just another example.

3) Finally as your emotions rage and you have gained unstoppable momentum, his tin cup comes out for some chump change ... as you continue your journey over the edge.

But of course, it will not work on "reasonable" people.

We are above it all.


brent said...

I like your page - ya ought to be a writer - by the way, got any change for a poor guy who feels just like you do on this lemming thing

lem head said...

I'm trying to use humor to address a deeper set of issues (why do we human beings act like lemmings on so many levels? global warming, terrorism, etc.)