Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heather at Home

Today, Heather is meeting with the Re-Fi guy.

She wants to grow her burrow. All the other lemmings around her have been burrowing like crazy.

Heather wants to burrow also. Before it is "too late"

You see, A.Lemm Greenspin is threatening to increase burrowing costs.

With all that burrowing, I hope the community doesn't "collapse" due to excessive economic "pressures" (Aside: in real life lemming colony tunnels do collapse if a heavy creature accidentally steps on them. Interesting.)


Cassandra said...

People are burrowing because there is always someone willing to lend a shovel. They wouldn't lend a shovel if I wasn't supposed to burrow, right? But the guy lending the shovel doesn't want it back. He has subdivided the shovel into hundreds of partial shovel ownership units. He doesn't care if he gets back the whole shovel or even a hundredth part of it. It isn't his shovel. So we burrow and burrow and burrow.

head lem said...

All this burrowing leads to increased prosperity.

It basically says so Smith's classic work, "The Wealth of Tunnel Visions".

Two equally leveraged parties come together in a "free market" to hammer out a fair and balanced deal. It is win win for everybody.

The markets always provide a rational result.

No sane lemm would question the markets or the wise words of Smith.