Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sound Logic

Over the Mill-Lemmie-um
(that's many many years),
the Lemming brain has evolved
into a
highly tuned instrument
of sound logic.

If it "sounds" good, it is good.

One of the prime directives of "sound logic"
is continuance of the music.

Continuance of song resonates
with continuance of the self.

Of course Chick' Lil'
could tell these tumble heads
that a thousand wrongs "before"
do not logically un-right"
the upcoming right
on one's path.

But then again,
these dumb lemm heads--
all they remember is that cliff-noted cliche
about the two wrongs,
and the right, and the ...
what was it?
Oh yeh, something doesn't make it so.

Remember, saying it's "sound", doesn't
rightfully make it so


Anonymous said...

You may also see for a real life example

head lem said...

Thank you so much.
It's a perfect example.
I made it the number one new link on the side bar.

Lemmings do "it"
Sheep do "it"
Let's do "it"
Lets fall in ...

You know,
we all march to the music
We all fall in line