Sunday, January 08, 2006

Their Eyes Glazed Over

Course of course this web blog is kind of a joke. We pretend to be lemmings, intelligent lemming scientists who study the human creatures.

Those humans remind us of us. After all, they are mammals with herd instincts just like our own. They run around under the illusion that they are "intelligent". They "burrow" themselves into a hole in order to build solid communities of prosperity. They overbreed, go crazy, and start a stampede ....

How did this investigation into the lemming-human connection start?

Someone on one of the peak oil sites wrote of their attempt to communicate with fellow creatures about Peak Oil

"Their eyes glazed over," is the way that poster explained it. That got me started. Why? Why do their eyes glaze over? That is one of the questions this web blog explores.

Lemmings are we.

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Anonymous said...

The herd has too much invested in its doomed path to be able to see the approaching cliff. They won't listen because what you say would invalidate the assumptions their lives are based upon. All you can do is get your own house in order, then you may be able to help others as well after TSHTF.