Sunday, January 01, 2006

Loosening the Manacles of Manic Manipulation

On the Morning after "Nutcracker" Magic, the eye blinks open wondering if it was merely a dream, or more so, a well scripted stage show whose splendor now shatters like brittle ice crystals struck by a rising day's sun.

Some say America is Awakening.

The Shock and Awe of 9/11 is gone.

Fear of Fear has become just a tiresome Clockwork of so many Codes Orange and Red rather than a dazzling rainbow of post-storm hallucinations.

The bullhorn pulpit is gone.

A spotlight shines instead on missions promised but not accomplished.

So many billions gone and nothing to show for it.

America realizes she had been in the grips of a Manic Manipulator.

Now the seductive shackles of blind faith in a resolute leader come undone. We ask ourselves. "What have we wrought? Have we become the Destroyer of World?"

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