Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Cho Choice: Either you're Pro-Cho or you're Pro-Life

False choice: Once again this irrational tactic of rhetorical debate raises its ugly head.

There are only two teams on the football field of life and you must pick your one side now. Either you whole heartedly support everything Cho Seung-Hui did and you are therefore just another subversive Columbine Sympathizer OR you totally dennounce everything he did and you align yourself with the jock elite of America and with those who cry for less than all of the fallen because Cho was a sub-human and therefore does not deserve even one half of a tear drop.

Where have we seen False Flag operations before?

When will we ever learn?


Troy Munch said...

and also, as a response to the post you left on my page, i believe that there is no A or B. i think that people may think this way (that there is only an A or B choice), because they don't want to have to think harder about anything than they need to. if everyone could just think for themselves, then they wouldn't have to worry about adhering to just one idea.

Troy Munch said...

this has the same message as my last post...

Anonymous said...

Another thinking person's response to the Cho Tragedy:

Where Was God at Virginia Tech?