Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nuke-a-topia unfairly linked to life-loving lemmings

Hey. Unfair. Why drag the good name of life-loving burrow-happy lemmings into this?

The fifty-year multi-trillion dollar failure of atomic energy has resumed its lemming-like march to madness.

Lemmings prefer to live a radiation-free life. If the Lemm Lord had meant for us to be irradiated, He would not have gifted our glorious planet with a magnetic shield and an ozone layer.

Rage, yes, Rage against the precipice. Do not fall so freely for the lurid lure of fall out. Do not go gently into that green glow dark of nuclear night. There are alternatives. Step back and return to thine senses. Oh you humanity.

(Well my fellow lemms, what say you now? Do we unleash the rodent flu on the planet plundering humans or do we wait some more for signs of intelligent life amongst them? The hour grows short.)

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