Thursday, April 19, 2007

Disturbingly, Cho is US(A)

Why the fascination with Cho?

Why the insistence that he is not American?

He grew up here.
He was molded here.
For heavens sake, he was an "English" major.

And yet the papers are peppered with mention that he is "Korean". (Oh did we forget to mention that he is "Koran-eeyan"? Did we huh, did we?)

[New Insert:] Sorry folk. I know my recent rant sounds almost as cognitively disconnected as Cho's. The point to think about is this. Cho was not born speaking English. The English words that came out of his mouth were programmed into him by the culture he encounterd here, in the good old USSA. Below is some verse I found out there on the internet. It's not Cho's. It looks like some sort of popular teen lyrics perhaps. I don't know. Do you? Compare the lyrics to Cho's rants. Are you spotting similarities? Where did Cho pick up this concept of "vandalizing my heart"? What did it mean to him? Watch Cho's video (CNN copy here). He is clearly reading from a prepared text. The text appears to have originated in popular American culture, in song lyrics, or rap lyrics; things like that. Note that MSM refuses to pick up on the cues. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but .... hmmm.

In the below, all I did was Google some of the weird phrases Cho used to see if there is similar phraseology on the Internet. This is something any journalist with half a shred of original thought could have done. But no. They all paint Cho's troubled brain as a Seouless Cold Blooded Murderer. A monster. Not one of us. Not from us. One of "them". One from the other herd.

Google search #1: "Vandalized My Heart" Results: Eatbees, OldBoy, Wonky, ClueHunter, DemonHunter, more ...

Vandalized My Heart
I trusted you without being asked to.
I loved you without being told to.
I helped you without being begged to.
I showed you happiness without being forced to.

I cared for you without your consent.
I listened to you without ever interrupting.
I sacrificed my time so you would feel better.
I gave you a friend without all the hard work.
I told you all my secrets on my own will.
I let you into my life with a simple knock on the door.
(more & more ...)
Compare the above Vandalized lyrics to some of Cho's own words:
"You have vandalized my heart,
raped my soul and torched my conscience.
You thought it was one pathetic boy's life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people."

Google search #2: "Raped my soul" Results: SkornLyrics, KathrynBeMine,


Reid Dalgleish said...

Love the blog, Lemmiwinks!

I have added you to my list so I can check in more frequently to see what the lemmings are following now. Keep the stories coming, they're great!

Step Back said...

The lemm head doesn't have time to post everyday. But when herd moving events happen, like Cho, or Terri Shiavo, or Cindy She-Lemm at Crawford, the lemm in me can't help but to dig deeper and burrow down to the bitter truths. Look how natural bush baby's head fits on Cho's macho pose. Preemptive strikingly so, no? Let us embrace the Rapture.

Deep down in our tunnels, when we run face into face with Cho, we need to realize that we are staring at the mirror.

Step Back said...

Here is one more gem off the net:

Sdmf lyrics
You beat me down and you raped my soul
You must have thought I was through
You should have killed me when you had the chance
I can't describe what's gonna happen to you, to you

When heads roll
The more the better
Strength Determination Merciless Forever
When heads roll
The more the better
Strength Determination Merciless Forever

As I lay bleeding in my pool of blood
I listen while you laugh
Retribution in its purest form
You should have killed me while you had the chance, the chance

When heads roll
The more the better
Strength Determination Merciless Forever
When heads roll
The more the better
Strength Determination Merciless Forever
When heads roll
The more the better
Strength Determination Merciless Forever

source of lyrics is here

Gee, what's more dangerous?
Guns or lyrics?

Troy Munch said...

i feel as though "don't talk to strangers" meant to not send a response, but i'm glad that there is someone out there who at least somewhat shares the same beliefs with me about Cho. i like that you said you seek out "bitter truths". i live in a small town in maryland where everyone is only concerned about whether to buy a ford or chevy truck when they turn sixteen. when they talk about him they call him a koreenyan, and how they'll kill him when they see him in hell. i hate it. but i won't kill thirty two of them, mind you.

i don't agree with how you told me to "pretend to be one of them". fitting in never makes anyone stand out, and being just like everyone else never gets anyone any further than the next guy.

Step Back said...


I'll take you at your word that you are young. I'm an old geezer. You have much to learn about the world and your fellow species-mates. Regretably it's not all pretty.

This Cho thing opens up a Pandora's Box of issues. Probably whole books can be written about it.

What little evidence there is (and who knows what's true & what's not) seems to suggest that a great number of people at Va Tech actively worked at making Cho's life even more miserable than it was to begin with. Perhaps they thought it was fun to tease with the toads, much as the troll in the Three Billy Goats Gruff does.

One thing for sure. MSM news will sweep that aspect under the rug and paint Cho as a sub-human demon. The trick to killing a person is first to de-humanize them. Then it becomes much easier.

Don't let all this discourage you from "thinking". God kows. The world desparately needs a few good thinkers.

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