Friday, April 27, 2007

Failure to Burrow: The New Journalists

Well what do you expect from a system that rewards Happy Hal for Shallow streams of pander and punishes Detail Oriented Lem for digging deep and getting to just the facts Mam?

Greg Palast complains here about the new generation of mediocre U.S. reporters.

Another expert complains here about gullibility and lack of skepticism.

However the bottom line is that the capitalist system rewards those who sell low quality fakery over those who sell high quality gems. The Market provides. It just doesn't provide truth and honesty. It provides the brain candy we yearn for.

Be happy. Don't worry. Hal has you covered.

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Anonymous said...

We can take it back at least for the Washington Post, which today (5/7/07) did some deep digging and discovered that Cho had somehow or other slipped through the cracks of our can't-fail and won't-fail system:

WashPost story: Cho Didn't Get Court-Ordered Treatment

[I]nterviews with state and university officials, lawmakers, special justices, attorneys, advocates and mental health agencies across the state made clear that what happened with Cho [(slipping through the cracks)] is not unusual in cases of "involuntary outpatient commitment" -- Virginia's name for the kind of order issued by Cho's judge.

The next question that begs an answer is: Will our government let this problem (as reported by a few good and deep digging journalists) slip through the cracks?