Sunday, April 22, 2007

Timing of the Lemm Cho's Leap just too Convenient

A housekeeping note: I'm generally skeptical of conspiracy theories. The human animal is often too bumbling, too mixed up and too irrational to get anything right. The idea that a large group of bungling humans can do anything right stretches the laws of probabilities to their breaking points.

That said, that said in the time framing first place; the timing, reliability-factors and efficiency of the Cho ops is just too good to be believable.

How did he learn to shoot a real gun (not a video one) with such deadly accuracy? How did he learn to deploy a diversionary killing in his dorm, a killing of someone he apparently had no connection to?

Most importantly, April 16th?

What caused his fuse to blow on that magical date?

Think about it.

April 16th was the day before Gonzo's scheduled appearance in the US Senate.

April 16th was the day before most Americans begin fuming over how much they pay in taxes; and for what?


Anonymous said...

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Troy Munch said...

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Why is it convenient that this happened just before taxes?

Step Back said...

Why is it convenient that this happened just before taxes?

Aha. You are indeed young. After you go to a top tier college, score A+ in organic chem, go to med school, become a rich and famous plastic surgeon for the celebs of Beverley Hills, you will turn around one day and realize you have a partner; Uncle Sam. When things are going great for you, Sam will be there to share in the booty. When things go badly, you're on your own sucker. Every April 15th (except it was the 17th this year) you'll be asking yourself, What has my partner, Sam done for me lately? Of course, if there is a big commotion outside, you may get distracted and forget about your question.

Step Back said...

Another interesting observation by the conspiracy sighter:

... a month before the shootings, Cho hired the services of a prostitute. On the surface this isn’t odd but when placed in the context of past CIA activities and certain assassins and killers this revelation becomes important. ...

But shouldn't have Cho saved himself for the 72 plus virgins awaiting him on the other side?