Thursday, August 25, 2005

Intelligent Evolution

DNA specialists at the Lemming Institute have been working hard at tracing back to the origins of the Human species and also those of our glorious Lemmingkind.

They believe in a theory called "Intelligent Evolution".
All living creatures sprang from what we call the Earth Mother'ollem.

Then a great divide developed.
One species, our glorious one, followed the path of EleaNoR Roost O'lemm, our mother hen.

The Human species deviated along unsure pathways.
One of the missing links is called RoNaLd Right Grin. The humans worship him greatly.
A less populated branch went off in the alien ways of woody banana brain. A gene from the banana brain branch mixed in with the human kinds, which is why they sometimes demonstrate a modicum of intelligence.

We hope to make contact with the woodsy side of the human kind and return them to harmony with Earth Mother'Ollem.

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