Friday, December 02, 2005

Eco-Nomy iz Bea-u-tiful, War und Terror Bea-u-tiful, Every-ting Be-a-you-tiful

Vell-kommen, Bien-venue, Welcome!

Fremde, Etranger, Stranger.

Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,

Happy to see you,

Bleibe, reste, stay.

Vill-kom-in, Bien-Venue, Welcome.

I'm Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret !

Leave you troubles outside!

So - life is disappointing?

Forget it!

We have no troubles here!

Here life is beautiful...

The girls are beautiful...

Even the orchestra is beautiful!

Outside it is winter.

But in here it's so hot.

Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep them from taking off all their clothings.

So don't go away.

Who knows? Tonight we may lose the battle!

We are here to serve you! And now presenting the Kit Kat Boys: Here they are! Boobby! Victor! Or is it Victor! and Bobby... You know, there's really only one way to tell the difference... I'll show you later. Hans (Oh Hans, go easy on the sauerkraut!) Herrman (You know what's funny about Herrman?) (There's nothing funny about Herrman!) And, finally, the toast og Mayfir, Fraulein Sally Bowles!

You have to understand the way I am, Mein Herr. A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb. Mein Herr. You'll never turn the vinegar to jam, Mein Herr. So I do... What I do... When I'm through... Then I'm through... And I'm through... Toodle-oo! Bye-Bye, Mein Lieber Herr. Farewell, mein Lieber Herr. It was a fine affair, But now it's over. And though I used to care, I need the open air. You're better off without me, Mein Herr.

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