Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snatching Da Feet

In the cold commercial bluster
of Christmas next,
the Lost Lamb a human,
Cindy Crawford She-hen,
wanders the Earth
still in search of the "Noble Cause".

Where is it President? she begs.
The "Noble (Santa) Cause"?

Why did my begotten son die?
Is there no longer a Jolly White Knight
in the Unblemished North Pole
for us to believe in?
Has our DC Camelot become a Bizarro-world Cabaret?

GW keeps the deep dark answer under bulge.

Cowards, you see, are the ones who "Cut and Run". They become "marginalized" from the herd.
Only them who are Patriots act with courage and fearlessness.
The fearless ones give their right foot and then some for "The Cause".
(Santa's Cause)
Fearless moms take their sons back with pride and honor.
Unquestioning pride if the son comes back with no feet.
Unquestioning pride if the son comes back just as a pair of feet.
That you see ......
Is how we pull victory, oh glorious, from the jaws of the feet.
Did I mix message that one wrong way around?
Thinking is hard hard work.
Presidents don't do dumb stuff like that.
We have minions to do the fuzzy fuzz work of thinking.
Maybe we pull da feet from the jaws of the victor?

No biggie. The answer lies not under the flag draped box.

It lies elsewhere.

Nobility is as Nobility does.

Nobility starts on third base
and always rounds the cut corners
to get to its owning owner's
Home Sweet Home base.

Be at Peace Oh ig Noble ones.

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