Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sermon from the Mouth

Ask not, ... Whether I can spy on you.

Ask whether you can

spy more on each other
(For sake of Your country and Before "They" do it to you).
(Think spying is bad? Nah. Don't think, Just do it [hat tip])

It is a far far better place ...
I take you to
Than yee have ever known.

It is far far better
peace I bring to you
than you dare to RIP upon yourselves.

Succumb not to the checks and balancing of the books.
Fuzzy math shall be your undoing.

Trust only in me.
I am the salvation.

I take you from the valley of Terrorism,
And bring you to the Mountain top of National Security.

I take you from the edge of Rejectionism,
And bring you to the safe landing of Global Economy.

Though you walk in the despair of Unemployment and Defeatism,
You shall have no fear,
For the Noble Cause is your destiny.

Do not let yourself become marginalized
along the road kill sidelines of History.

Do not let yourself become damned
by the Sad Damn (Who's Osama-oops Insane) truth.

There is only one truth.
I am the truth.
I am the law.
I am the glory.
I am your victory.
I am the mission acomplished.

Yes, you are in the last throes
of any rational thought.
Though verily you continue to question.

Fear yes my mixed messages for they shall set free your minds
From their bonds of rationality,
From their love of life and compassion for family.
I am your family.
The Republican State is your family.
We are United, Unquestionable and Indivisible.
Our life style is non-negotiable.
Our way is the way of all mankind.
God bless and God keep
(me in power).
Good Night and Amen.

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