Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmissed Messages


Preemptively do onto thy neighbors
Before they doo ith a thing onto you

Forgive them oh Higher Father
For they know not what I do.
(But I know what they do,
For I spy'eth secretly upon them.
Executive privilege you know,
Is only for us executively privileged.)

Let him who is stoned
Cast the first bunker buster

The meek and the weak
Shall inherit their own back cheek
(IOW, the poor always get sh*t)

Give onto Caesar,
That which is Caesar's.
Give onto me,
That which thou gave'th to Caesar.
For we are the ownership society,
And to us belong'eth dominion over the whole of the Earth.

Blessed are the PeaceMakers,
For they carry one heck of a payload.

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