Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ledge Pledge Babbylon

"Bully" comes only in Boy Color (supposedly).

"Bully" comes only in threatening threads of violence to be done (supposedly).

What does it mean to be "cut" from the herd?

Simply because you challenged the sound logic

of "Stay the Course"?

Simply because you would not adhere to your Man's Man Pledge

Of continuing with the Band of Boys over the Ledge?


...excertps from She-Lemm Jean's Bully Babble-ons:
"A Call from Colonel Danny Bupp ...
He asked me to send a message to Congress
"Stay the Course"
He also asked me to send
Congressman Murtha a message, that
Cowards Cut and run, Marines never do...
America and the rest of the World Want
Assurance from This Body
That We Will see This Through
My remarks were not directed at any member of the House
I did not intend to suggest
... that they apply most especially to the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania
I ask unanimous consent that my words be withdrawn

[Accordingly my bell is hereby "unrung"]

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