Saturday, November 19, 2005

Advancing to the Edge

George L. Jumpsoon
lives a bit up the road
from his neighbors,
the Flintstems and the Bumbleheads.

George thinks of himself as being
a bit more "evolved" than those
backroad rodents down the hill.

George is a science simpleton.
He thinks "evolved" means "advanced".
He thinks he whizzes around in a
"High Tech" vehicle, a transport means that tells everyone,
George has "arrived".
This is the Jumpsooner Generation.
Everyone is Globally Interconnected by our Flattened
Tunnels of ever expanding Prosperity.

No one told George his High Tech Vehicle rolls on four wheels.
Just like the older ones of his Neanderthal neighbors.
He is no better. He just thinks he is.
No one told George that "evolved" means he is a random freak of nature.

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