Thursday, November 17, 2005

Intelligent Redesign of History

A Story for

Li''ll Lemm -lings

Ta Learn From:

Brave Billy the Goat recalls a moment of

Courage and Decisiveness in his Life. It is important to never mis-rememberize what actually happened.

Brave Billy was doing some "hard hard" readin after having graduated with distinction from theNo-Prince-Left-Behind Program at the National Guard Academy for Noble-Cause Cousins & Cronies.

Suddenly from a leftist corner there appeared another with Bad Bad news. WTC7 had gone straight down even though no plane had hit it. What to do?

Billy pondered and pondered. Then he realized the kind folk that done put him in power were even dumber than he.

So after many minutes of sweat, anxiety and ponderin; Billy the Goat made a Decisive move. He got up and run.

The moral of the story, Little Lemmlings is this: We can always Intelligently Redesign History.

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