Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Panic Dem Dummies

Here at the A-sy-lum, I likes to play wit de other inmates.

I likes to kep em in a constant state of panic.

De utter day I freak'd em wit stories about how's I see terrorrrrists everywhere.

They gone wild. It gave me power. It gave me control capital to spend over dem.

Today I decided to play a new panic angle. My friend, Range Rover calls it panic politics. It's a hoot.

Speaking of hoot, We decided this one was from the birds. Ya all panic now. That there avionic influence-zooma is a coming. Rapture is coming. Yee hah. Get along you Panic-strucken Dem Dummies. Do my bidding oh minions of mine


Steve said...

Notice how he is standing in front of the emblem of the National Institute of Health. Bird flu is the new Bin Laden...

And Rumsfeld is the Oliver North of this Contra...

head lem said...

Steve (Ontic) You must be an unusually intelligent human.

We Lemmings rarely see that variety.

Yes, the Bird Panic Prestadigitation is the new Bin Laden Fear Factor.

Inside of every human there hides a fear-driven, reptilian bird brain.

Inside of every human there hides a herd-mentality sheep brain.

Once we push the fear / terror buttons of these bird/sheep creatures that lurk inside, we can set the herd into fear mode. We can make them do all sorts of irrational things, like yes, Invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or WMD's and everything to do with Peak Oil.

Once we push the fear / terror buttons and set the herd into fear mode, we can make them forget.

We can make them:

1) Forget the Katrina-Kare Katostrophe.

2) Forget the sight of the Libby-domized "Scooter" scooting out the backdoor of the WhiteHouse like an indicted traitor (one who outed a CIA agent).

3) Forget the yellowcake Niger stain on Georgie's BushBib and remember only the semen stain on Monica's devil dress (same one worn by Harriet Miers)

4) Forget how tax cuts to the upper 1% crust were going to trickle down once again like Reagan-urine to enrich those who are doing "as well as they can" out in Orleans (new Orleans)

5) Forget about that one country in the world (USA) that wants Iran to have no nukes, but wants only for itself to have 1000's of Bunker Busters so it can premeptively go where no civilized nation has gone before, to the "Axis of Evil" and beyond.

So now that we have made them forgottenized (that's Bush speak), we make them all cluck like roosters in defiance over their terror and fear concerning the PANIC-DEMIC !!!!

We "appreciate" that you "appreciate" the Demonic Panic that can be invoked from that PANDEMIC influence-zemma that the administration uses to influence the herd into running forgottenized straight for the edge of the ledge.