Friday, November 25, 2005

"Running out of" Milk, Bread and Oil




"Running (1)

Out (2)

Of (3)"

"______" (4)




(You fill in the blank)

Got Milk? (a must see parody)

Got Bread? (French kind? Running out of money?)

Got Oil? (Vegetable, Mineral or Crude?)

Got a Rational Mind? (Liberal, Conservative, or Out of the Box?)

Got Water?

Got a Future?


The runner up to the prize, last word (Got what?) is so cliche that it almost puts one into a hypnotic trance. "Honey, we're running out of milk! Be a deer and run to the market for more, will you?"

Maybe it was "Bread" we were running out of, you know, the French kind you insist on finding in the pastry aisle of your supermarket next to the Let-Them-Eat-Cake bin.

Or maybe it was "Oil"? No difference. The market always provides. Supply and Demand. What ever kind do you need. What was it, mineral, vegetable or crude? Doesn't matter. It's in the oils, condiments and abiotics section. It's always there in full stock. Trust us. We, the mega-providers are here to serve you and take care of you. (Our selfish profit motives take a secondary back seat to what is best for you.) We are here to always give you what you need. No need to worry your pretty little brain. No need for Congressional oversight. It will always be here for you. Continue as always with your life. Stay the course!!!!

Hell, Lemmings do.

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