Sunday, August 07, 2005

All Lemm Worlds are Flat

A famous Grass-city Artist of ours

--you probably know him, Trimhead Freedlemm--

is known for explaining why

All Lemm Worlds are Flat.

Truer words are never spoken.

Of course, there are always 2 sides to a coin. That is true too. All truths are true.

"Truth is in the I of the Believer," my mamma used to say.

A number of you have been nosing arounding the Lemming holes lately. I hope you are not foxes. We are suspicious of anything that sounds like Fox.

Lemming World is simple. Lemming World is complicated.

You've met a couple of our denizens already, A. Lemm Greenspin and our great chief, Sitting Bush.

Oh, about JuneYear Jumpsoon; don't worry. It didn't happen yet. He did not die in My-Raq. That was what we call a fortnight-mare, just a dream. Since it did not happen yet, we can make it so it does not happen.

JuneYear is the son of George and Heather Jumpsoon. They live at 2010 Westculture Drive. They live on what you would call a cul de sac. That's a dead end road to nowhere. They are happy.

Just down the road from them are Dick and Jane Packbrain. They are happy too. They have a canine companion, Spot.

A little further back on the road live, Fried Flintstem and his wife Willmother. Often, their good friends, Barney Bumblehead and Bettonany come to visit.

Westculture drive is just a small set of digs in Lemming World.

Welcome. Close the door behind to keep the Foxes out.

And remember, All Lemm Worlds are Flat.

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