Thursday, August 11, 2005

EGG Problem

Today, the LIGHT Institute observes you humans misunderstanding the Chicken Little and EGG problem.

EGG= Exponentially Growing Gap !!!!

This time Chicken Little is right, except it's not the sky that is falling, it is the floor that is caving in from under us. Our Labyrinth of Prosperity is crumbling under the weight of reality: Resources are finite.

Forgive us. This was hastily put up when oil futures on your "markets" hit the 66.6 number or somewhere near there

There is something called Hubbert's curve. Google it.
Better yet, sit through all of Robert's Power Point (You'll just love Easter Island this time of the year !!!!)

There is something called exponential growth curve. Google it.

Put them together and your egg is split open, ... cracked. Grok that.

For more information, Google "Peak Oil"

We lemmings are getting nervous. You humans are exceeding the planets carrying capacity for your kind of activities. The permafrost is melting. We are all tipping over as the planet hits the tipping point. Please stop.

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