Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Lemm Commandments

George and Heather Jumpsoon are spiritual beings.

Over the years, the commandments of the LemmLord have been successfuly passed down from generation to generation. George and Heather refer to the first three as the " trinity".

Laws of the LemmLord:

1. One shall be, One shall continue.

2. True To Thy Tribe Thou Shalt Remain.

3. Reasonable Rationalization Rules.

4. Seeing is Believing (Based on Oneself's Sensations & Beliefs).

5. Lemme see, Lemme do (Succesful Mimicry)

6. Deviate not from thy Directed Direction.

6. All tunnels connect together.

8. Expect something of equal or greater value in return.

9. Expect to account for thy shortcomings.

10. Expect nothing in return

George likes the first commandment best. Heather is more fond of the second.

You know what they say, .... MaleLemms are from the Marsupial warrior warrens while, SheLemms are from the Venutian fields of family love.

To George, the first commandment means many things all at once. They all make sense. To be or not to be at the moment is a matter of survival. Those Lemms who chose the not option at a given moment, well Nature does not hear from them much after that. Clearly, "to be" is the correct choice.

Maintaining Oneness is also a good thing. One should avoid dismemberment. Being of one mind and one body is fundamental to being.

"Being" at the moment is good. But to continue beyond is far far better. George expects to continue beyond continuance, in one form or another, even after he "passes over" to the other side of the Ledge.

The second commandment gives George problems. Sometimes there is conflict between the needs of the One and what might be Truly good for the Tribe. George let's the LemmElite decide these hard hard questions for him. They know better.

There so much more to the Lemm Commandments. Alas, time is a limited resource.

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