Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ignoramus and Proud of It

Here is an example of the problem we, at the Lemming Institute face when we try to make intelligent contact with the humans.

They admit they know next to nothing. And they are PROUD of it !!!

Take this editor from the New York Times (please). His name is John Tierney. He makes a bet for $10,000. A considerable amount of burrowing value as we understand it.

He proudly proclaims, "I know next to nothing about oil production" as he takes on one of the more aware of the human species, Matt Simmons.

John explains his sound logic: "I'm just following the advice of a mentor and friend, the economist Julian Simon: If you find anyone willing to bet that natural resource prices are going up, take him for all you can."

"Julian's widow, Rita Simon, a professor at American University ... thought the bet sounded so good she wanted a piece of the action herself," he goes on.

"The price of oil has risen before - it quintupled in the 1970's. But then it dropped, thanks to new discoveries and technologies, validating the Cornucopians' optimism," he reasons.

Call me a scattered under the ground brain, but didn't he just admit that prices did go up? And then he is 101% sure prices always go down?

We at the Lemming Institute fail to understand the "sound" logic of the humans.

Have you eaten any low-priced cod fish lately Mr. Tierny? That's a "natural resource". And guess what? The price is not trending historically down. The species and its chance of survival are trending historically down. The Lemming Institute gives equal odds to the Human species --not that we like to eat your flesh, you cod over-consumers!

According to LemmLore (history), there was a time when fresh air was free. Now, humans have to pay for it. Maybe some of that above ground pollution is s getting to their heads and fouling up their logic circuits?

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